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Angela Harrison

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Lived experience facilitator for community and organisations


Sydney, Australia

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Personal Coaching, In-person & Online (Video Call)

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RFA Instructor
PR6 Toolkit

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At Mindspace Training we do Mental Health Differently. All our workshops and coaching are carried out by educated Lived-Experience facilitators, meaning when you work with us, you get the full experience of both evidence-based education, as well as engaging story-sharing from someone who's been through it and come out the other side.

Angela has been working within the Mental Health Industry for over 7 years and is a Licenced Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Resilience First Aid Instructor, and Resilience Coach. Angela holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science and is part-way through her post-graduate studies after a study hiatus. She currently practices as a Qualified Mental Health Peer Worker for Veterans, whilst running her Canine Assisted Therapy Team. Angela previously volunteered as a Crisis Supporter at Lifeline, all while fostering dogs waiting to be adopted out.

It feels like two lifetimes ago that I served in the Royal Australian Air Force, where I was medically discharged after years of mental health challenges. After seeing the stigma and hurdles that are yet to be overcome in both the military and broader society, this is where I found my little corner of the world – working within the preventative and early intervention areas of mental health.
I strongly believe if I had proper resilience education and training beyond the catchphrase, I would still have my military career today. There is no question about whether we will face challenges in life, what varies is how we handle it and continue to handle it. Resilience education really is the future of mental health prevention.

Read more about Angela's story here - https://auspreneur.com.au/meet-the-founder-of-mindspace-training-angela-who-is-paving-a-new-way-of-approaching-mental-health/



Angela Harrison is qualified to deliver:


Certified Resilience Coach (CReC)

Resilience assessment and coaching services available which can range from coaching individuals, through to groups and training throughout larger businesses.

RFA Instructor

Resilience First Aid (RFA) Instructor

Available to host Resilience First Aid Certification workshops, a 2-day Accredited program teaching valuable strength-based language skills.
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PR6 Toolkit

PR6 Toolkit Coaching

High quality resilience training available across the 6 Domains of Resilience, ranging from short workshops to full interactive days for each resilience domain.