Certified Resilience Coach

Julie Stiles

Industry Focus

Healthcare, Technology, Education


Tucson, United States

Available For

Personal Coaching & Group Coaching, In-person & Online (Video Call)

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Instructor Bio

Julie Stiles is an experienced and compassionate health and transformation coach, having worked with thousands of people over the last 12 years to improve their well-being. Julie’s work focuses on behavior change, including habits that promote better health, as well as on the deeper process of transformation often required when people begin to improve their well-being. She has supported people to recover from burnout, eat healthier, lose weight, honor their body, increase harmony in their lives, manage stress, improve sleep, create reasonable goals and reach them, move through their blocks to change, and resolve conflicts.

Julie has worked in various companies as both a health and internal coach, and has coached across the spectrum of age, socio-economic status, profession, gender, and geography. She is a Certified Health Counselor and has a Master’s in Consciousness Studies. In addition, she is a National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach, Resilience Coach, Resilience to Thriving Coach, and holds a certificate in Becoming a Healthy Workplace.

Combining knowledge of integral thinking with an interest in how people change at a fundamental level, Julie brings a unique blend of skill and experience. Her coaching philosophy is rooted in empowering the individual on their path of self-discovery as they take steps to achieve new results in the world. Clients describe Julie as an empathetic, thoughtful, caring coach who gently encourages them to explore new perspectives and ways of being that help them have the relationship with themselves and others that they’d like while reaching for their dreams.



Julie Stiles is qualified to deliver:


Certified Resilience Coach (CReC)

Resilience assessment and coaching services available which can range from coaching individuals, through to groups and training throughout larger businesses.