Certified Resilience Coach

Susane Belkhiati

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Adelaide, Australia

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Personal Coaching & Group Coaching, In-person

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Welcome to Activ(therapy) Counselling, a sanctuary meticulously crafted by a team of passionate individuals: a qualified allied health practitioner and a local business developer. Our mission goes beyond offering a safe and supportive space. We believe in comprehensive care, which is why our team also includes dedicated mentors, therapy assistance specialists, and qualified sports practitioners. Additionally, we provide valuable support coordination advice to ensure you receive holistic guidance on your journey to healing.

At Activ(therapy) Counselling, we are committed to assisting individuals facing various challenges in their lives. Whether you are dealing with addictions, domestic violence, trauma, career progression, anxiety, or depression, our multidisciplinary team is here to walk beside you on your path to healing. Together, we strive to empower you, offering a diverse range of expertise and resources to support your personal growth and well-being.



Susane Belkhiati is qualified to deliver:


Certified Resilience Coach (CReC)

Resilience assessment and coaching services available which can range from coaching individuals, through to groups and training throughout larger businesses.