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Traci Carse

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All industries


Sydney, Australia

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Personal Coaching & Group Coaching, In-person & Online (Video Call)


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PR6 Toolkit
HART Instructor

Instructor Bio

Hello! I’m Traci, a dedicated and energetic resilience coach and trainer with a deep passion for empowering individuals to overcome life’s challenges and bounce back stronger than ever before. My approach is underpinned by my training and extensive experience as an endorsed Organisational Psychologist working with hundreds of individuals and organisations across varied work settings, including emergency services, health and utilities.

Personal Resilience Coaching
With a strong sense of purpose, I am committed to helping you navigate through adversities and turn them into opportunities for growth. Coaching sessions are designed to inspire, motivate, and guide you on your journey to resilience. Together, we will explore your resilience strengths, identify areas for development, and unlock your full potential. I firmly believe resilience is not just a trait; it’s a set of skills that can be cultivated and strengthened. Through our coaching sessions, you'll learn to harness your inner strength, develop coping strategies, & emerge as a more resilient, confident, & empowered individual.

Tailored Solutions for Your Organisation
Resilient organisations start with resilient individuals, but every organisation is unique. That’s why I work closely with leadership teams to develop customised resilience programs tailored to your specific needs. My goal is to provide practical, actionable solutions that create lasting positive change, enhancing both individual & organisational resilience. Through engaging workshops, interactive training sessions, & one-on-one coaching, I empower employees to embrace change, navigate uncertainty, & maintain peak performance even in the most demanding, high adversity environments. By cultivating a culture of resilience, your organisation can develop a protective preparedness - not only to weather storms but also emerge stronger, & better prepared for future opportunities.



Traci Carse is qualified to deliver:


Certified Resilience Coach (CReC)

Resilience assessment and coaching services available which can range from coaching individuals, through to groups and training throughout larger businesses.

PR6 Toolkit

PR6 Toolkit Coaching

High quality resilience training available across the 6 Domains of Resilience, ranging from short workshops to full interactive days for each resilience domain.

HART Instructor

High Adversity Resilience Training (HART) Instructor

Advanced and Accredited resilience culture training for emergency services, defence, healthcare, and others facing extreme stress.
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